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Intention Collection

Intention Collection

Embrace a harmonious and abundant life with our Manifestation Collection – Attraction, Protection, and Prosperity Oil and Sprays. Invite positivity and love into your world with the Attraction products, shield yourself from negativity with the Protection oil, and unlock the doors to financial abundance with the Prosperity offerings. Elevate your energy, focus your intentions, and let our empowering products enhance your journey towards a life of fulfillment and success.


Come To Me - Attraction Roll-On Oil/ Spray: Ignite the power of attraction with our "Come To Me" Roll-On Oil/ Spray. Infused with potent intentions and natural essences, this magical blend aims to manifest love in your life. The enchanting aroma combined with focused energies draws love and affection towards you, fostering deeper connections and meaningful relationships. Embrace the possibility of love with our empowering "Come To Me" Roll-On Oil/ Spray.


Money Talk Prosperity - Spray and Roll-On Oil: Unlock the doors to abundance with our "Prosperity" Roll-On Oil/ Spray. Crafted with precise intentions and infused with harmonious essential oils, this transformative blend is designed to manifest wealth and financial prosperity. Embrace the positive energy and abundance that life has to offer with the help of our empowering "Prosperity" Roll-On Oil/ Spray.


Warrior - Roll-On Oil: Shield yourself from negativity with our "Warrior" Roll-On Oil. Imbued with potent protective energies and natural essential oils, this powerful blend forms a barrier against harm and negative influences. Enhance your sense of security and well-being with our fortifying "Warrior" Roll-On Oil.



It's important to note that manifestation products are not based on scientific evidence, and their effectiveness is largely subjective and based on personal beliefs. For those who find value in these practices, manifestation products can serve as aids to focus their intentions and reinforce positive thinking, leading to potential shifts in mindset and behavior that may align with their goals. As with any spiritual or self-help practice, individual results and experiences may vary.


Sprays are 2oz Amber bottles.

Roll-On Oils are 3ml but subject to change.

Dark Raven Products assumes no liability for lost, stolen, or damaged packages. We regret to inform customers that exchanges are not available. Returns and refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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